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Join our many groups tailored to supporting our families fellowship with one another and grow in Christ.



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Spiritual Growth

Here at Fil-Am, personal spiritual growth is one of our top priorities. We want all of our members to feel spiritually challenge to grow in their faith.

Sabbath School

Sabbath School holds a special place within our church community. It's a dedicated time and welcoming space where our members can come together to engage in profound study and meaningful discussions about the Bible. It's not just a gathering; it's an opportunity for us to connect, share our thoughts, and foster a deeper understanding of the profound wisdom contained within God's Word. We invite you to join us in this enriching journey of faith and knowledge, as we delve deeper into the scriptures and discover the beauty and significance they hold for each of us.

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry is an important ministry and one of their most meaningful events is Wednesday Night Manna, our weekly prayer meeting. Wednesday Manna stands as a vital part of our church life. It's the sacred space where we gather for faith-building conversations, fellowship, and deep spiritual connections with our fellow church members. It's not just about coming together; it's our way of connecting with one another and, most importantly, connecting with God. Here, we nurture our faith, bask in His love, and immerse ourselves in the wisdom of His Word. Join us in this powerful spiritual journey that enriches both our personal faith and our sense of community.

Wednesday Manna at 7:00PM-8:00PM,9190 Abe Lincoln Rd. San Antonio, TX

Community Outreach

Volunteering is the heartbeat of our community. It's how we serve with purpose, making a positive impact on the lives of others. Join us in this journey of giving, and together, we make a real difference in the world.In our faith journey, we are challenged to be God's hands and feet in the world, spreading love and compassion to those who need it most. It is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others, reflecting the boundless love that God showers upon us all.